BLOC Shadow Shooting Glasses – Black Grey

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The BLOC Shadow Shooting Glasses are simple but highly effective glasses that should be a vital part of every sportsman’s or ladies kit bag! The lightweight frame offers comfort with adjustable nose pads for the perfect fit. The modern wrap-around shape provides maximum peripheral vision and makes these glasses ideal for sports such as shooting, skiing, cycling and sailing. The heavily tinted grey base on these lenses provides exceptional visibility and clarity in bright light conditions.


  • Ultra-modern design for maximum peripheral vision
  • Lightweight flexible frame
  • Adjustable nose pads for comfort
  • Cat 3 lenses
  • Maximum UVA/UVB protection
  • Distortion free
  • Impact resistant
  • Ideal for bright light conditions
  • Suitable for small to large faces


Light Categories


Cat 0 = 100-80% light transmission (for extremely low light conditions)

Cat 1 = 80-43% light transmission (transparent or slightly tinted for low light conditions)

Cat 2 = 43-18% light transmission (lightly tinted for medium – bight conditions)

Cat 3 = 18-8% light transmission (heavily tinted for bright – extremely bright conditions)

Cat 4 = 3-8% light transmission (very heavily tinted for exceptionally bright light conditions – *not recommended for driving*

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