Laksen Sunmaster Dual Lense Shooting Glasses

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The Sunmaster Dual Lense Shooting Glasses from Laksen are an incredibly innovative modern design of eyewear, that offer the highest standard of safety combined with comfort, performance and style. Meticulously designed and crafted in Denmark, and tested over a two year period with certified shooting instructors, sport and competition shooters and passionate game shooters, Laksen have created what they describe as the “optimum performance shooting glasses”. These glasses are incredibly lightweight, weighing only 18 grams complete with lenses, and feature a highly flexible frame that is crafted from a single piece of matte black stainless steel, with no hinges, screws or welding. They can comfortably be worn with all ear defenders, come complete with a set of 5 coloured lenses for shooting in different light conditions and meet safety standards of both EN166 and ANSI Z87.1 impact approval.


  • Designed for both game and clay
  • Set of 5 coloured lenses
  • Style, performance and comfort
  • Designed and crafted in Denmark
  • Tested over a two year period with certified shooting instructors, competition shooters and game shooters
  • Dual lenses that are easily removed and swapped for additional colours
  • Single piece stainless steel frame
  • Incredibly lightweight, flexible design 
  • Lenses EN166 and ANSI Z87.1 impact approved
  • Comfortable when using traditional hearing protection

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