Sinclair Loadmaster in Leather

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The Loadmaster is the solution to those who wish to speed up their reloading: it is an oblong Leather covered ABS plastic box, which is divided into two upright sections, each of which holds 20 x 12 bore cartridges. The cartridges are stacked vertically in a zigzag column which allows gravity to feed them to the loading ports at the bottom. The box is reloaded in each chamber via a central slot. Gravity pushes the cartridges downwards to the loading ports at the bottom, but they don’t fall out. So effective; so simple! 


  • Capacity: 40 x 12 Bore, 44 x 16 Bore, 50 x 20 Bore and 56 x 28 Bore.
  • Speed up reloading
  • Oblong leather covered ABS plastic box
  • Two sections which hold 20 x 12 bore cartridges


The Loadmaster works well with 12 and 16 Bore cartridges and 20 and 28 Bore calibers, fit the 4mm inserts (sold separately CB129) to narrow the vertical chambers. Use one pair of inserts for 20 Bore and two pairs for 28 Bore.

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