Gun Fitting

Gun Fitting

An essential part of the process for consistently successful shooting.

Accurate shooting at game birds or clay pigeons depends on a number of factors. These include such issues as consistently gun mount correctly (vital before any attempt can be made to fit a gun), foot positioning, weight distribution, head positioning and last, but by no means least, a correctly fitting gun. 

The importance of a correctly fitting gun cannot be over emphasised. A well fitted gun will handle better in all circumstances and requires less body adaptation to achieve a successful shot. Generally, only exceptional shots can consistently shoot well with an incorrectly fitting gun. For the rest of us, we need all the help we can get!

The basis of good gun fitting lies in a combination of experience by the fitter, along with expert use of the try-gun, without which it will be impossible to successfully achieve a satisfactory result. A try-gun is used to determine three sets of measurements – those of length, bend or drop, and cast (either on or off). All these measurements are needed if a new gun is being made, or an existing gun is to be restocked. One or more will be needed if an existing stock is to be altered to fit you properly. 

William Powell are proud to work with the Country’s finest gun fitters. Please phone us on 01295 661035 for more details. The cost of a two-hour gun fitting session including tuition is £360, plus cartridges and clays. This is an investment in your shooting, aiding both performance and comfort, and is therefore money very well spent. We remind people that it is much, much better to buy a slightly less expensive gun, than to not have it properly fitted to you.

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