Gunmaking Process

The Gunmaking Process

All current William Powell guns are made in partnership with Battista Rizzini of Italy. Rizzini is at the forefront of modern Gun machining and production techniques, utilising the latest technology and state-of-the-art machinery, to enhance the gunmaking process, creating guns that excel in strength, performance and reliability. These technological advancements have seamlessly blended with our own rich gunmaking heritage and love of traditional craftsmanship, ensuring our guns are both classically beautiful and fit for the future of shooting. 



With over 50 years of development, the barrels produced by Battista Rizzini are of exceptional quality and highly precise. The tubes are meticulously crafted and braised together with the lumps and then chrome lined for longevity and wear resistance. This is particularly important with steel cartridges, which may damage unlined barrels.



Our William Powell actions are machined out of Rizzini’s own solid steel forgings and provide great strength and reliability. The barrelled actions are high performance steel shot proofed, with the Italian proof house testing William Powell guns to 2,100 bar.

Metal Work

Metal Work

When building a William Powell shotgun, every care is taken to ensure that it does not just look it’s best, but also that it is as strong as possible. This is evident when observing the wood-to-metal fit. Quality stocking and perfectly filed metalwork create a flawless fit between the stock and the action that accentuates the elegant lines of the gun and, more importantly, easily and safely absorbs the recoil from the around the action at the head of the stock.

The metalwork varies on each William Powell model but there is also the option for bespoke alterations. One thing all of our guns have in common is the meticulous attention to detail and the pursuit of elegance and high-end craftsmanship. Features such as extended trigger tangs, carved fences, blue furnishings, and beautifully shaped action edges are utilised to enhance the overall look and finish of a William Powell.



All William Powell guns are stocked with quality Turkish walnut, providing strength, resilience and beautiful grain. The shape of the stock varies depending on the model, from straight hand to Prince of Wales grip, and can be crafted to fit the client’s individual measurements and shooting style.



The engraving will vary depending on the model of William Powell gun and also the client’s individual requirements. Whether machine or hand engraved, the end result will be of the highest quality, providing beautiful decoration which enhances the craftsmanship and elegance of the action.



During the finishing process, the finisher ensures that all the components of the build come together into a fully functioning gun which shoots, cocks and ejects exactly as it should. The finisher will regulate trigger pulls and time the ejectors, both vitally important parts of crafting a gun that performs flawlessly in the field.

There is also the aesthetic aspect of finishing; checkering the stock and forend is a laborious process, but an important one, adding grip as well as beauty. Building up a traditional oil finish can take weeks, using bespoke recipes and blends of oil and wax, one coat at a time, to add a protective layer to the woodwork, which also looks exquisite.

The finisher has the pleasure of turning all of the individual works of craftsmanship into the final product, a gun of beauty and performance.

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