Gun Repairs & Servicing

Gun Repairs & Servicing

Why get your Gun Serviced with us?

The quality of our workmanship, knowledge and experience is incomparable.

Our prices are extremely competitive. 

We offer a quick turnaround on all repairs. 

We recommend that you get your gun fully serviced at least every three years, but if it’s seen heavy use, or been used in particularly inclement weather which can cause the action to rust internally, it’s always wise to have it checked over by a professional gunsmith.

A strip and clean service is preventative maintenance. It allows our gunsmith to pick up on any wear and tear, minor cracks or weak points that if left, could cause serious issues further down the line. The process also removes any build up of dirt, grease and debris which can restrict movement and prevent the internals of the action from working as they should.

We would be delighted to give an estimate on any gunsmithing requirements

Some of our most common requests include: 

Full strip and clean

Stock alterations including bend & cast, shortening or lengthening

Stock re-chequering and refinishing

Replacement of firing pins, top lever, main and safety springs


We work closely with our gunsmiths to provide the most efficient service and quick turnaround times.

We strive to repair and renew and not just to replace parts to make maintaining your gun as cost-effective as possible. A problem shared with the William Powell Workshop, is a problem halved as will be the cost compared to our quality competitors.

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Off the shelf Guns

An off the Shelf Gun?

Most guns can be altered to fit you.

Made to measure guns aren’t just limited to the William Powell range. Our gunsmiths can alter most off the shelf guns, so as to fit your measurements and shooting style.

We can alter the length, cast and drop of your stock, as well as fitting a range of different pads or extension pieces.

A properly fitted gun will enhance your performance, accuracy and comfort whilst shooting.

Please speak to a member of our Gunroom Team about arranging a Gun fitting session.

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We don’t just want to sell you a gun, we want to sell you the right gun!

We stock a full range from all your favourite brands.

ATA Guns
Benelli Guns
Beretta Guns
Browning Guns
Kofs Guns
Miroku Guns
Yildiz Guns

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